Tuesday, March 15, 2011


two years ago this past sunday i met my husband.  two years ago today he asked for my number.  9 months and some change ago he married me.

it is absolutely amazing to me how much can change in such a short, short time.  i remember this week, two years ago, like it was yesterday.  a week of firsts - our first introduction, our first phone conversation, our first date. the first time i had the feeling "this is something different.".  he blew me away that first week, with how sweet, and smart he was. how funny he was.  how much he loved his students, his football players.  how passionate he was about coaching, and....here's the kicker...how much he loved his Jesus.  i kept waiting for the ball to drop and to see the man behind the curtain...you know, going through the whole "this is too good to be true" thing for a while, but... here we are two years later, and i continue to be amazed by the man he is, and the fact that i get to call him mine.  he is every bit as wonderful as i thought he was that first week.  what i didn't know then, but now get to experience every single day, is what an amazing husband he is - he knows just how to love me, and makes me feel loved and cherished every single day.  i cant' begin to tell you what an incredible gift that has been.

 march 20th, 2009 - our first date

God did a great thing by putting us both in that same little coffee shop in gadsden, alabama (of all places!) just two years ago.  never would have guessed we'd be married and living in lexington, kentucky two years later, but i can honestly say that there is absolutely no place else i'd rather be.

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