Thursday, March 10, 2011

a-bloggin' i will go!

for some time i have wanted to start a blog. if there is anything in this life i enjoy doing that's not written in my little "welcome" blurb over there to your right, it's writing. please don't let that fool you into thinking i am an expert in the world of writing. i am not. i just enjoy putting my thoughts on "paper".

the other reason i've decided to go for it and start this blog is because i have a new found love for reading blogs. i. can't. get. enough. of all the well written blogs i've come across. from friends that i follow, to blogs about being wives, and homemakers, to diy blogs and the like - i just love it.

so, i hope a few of you that come across this blog will find it follow-worthy and join me on my little journey of becoming a blogger. i promise to make it as interesting as i can manage.... but i make no promises.

'til next time,
mrs. b

1 comment:

  1. Bethany--

    Thank you so much for commenting and filling me in about how much we have in common. I knew after reading that I immediately had to follow you ;) I am excited to experience the same things as you and your husband (and pup!) and maybe just maybe we can learn and help each other along the way! Thanks again for commenting, oh how I just LOVE comments. Have a great day and HAPPY almost WEEKEND!