Wednesday, March 30, 2011

prima donna (but only when i sleep)

turns out my sleeping habits are not so normal - at least, not according to jonathan.  i'll tell you why and you can tell me if it's that strange/out of the ordinary...

my friend, jen, gave us these sleep masks when we got married::

and i have worn one just about every night since.  the thing is, when i lived on a busy street in north jersey, and then subsequently in new york city, years ago, i found i needed to wear a mask every night.  didn't matter what time of night there was always light glaring into my room. pop on one of those bad boys and...voila! perfect! well, over the years, and moving back to the south i got out of the habit of wearing a mask and i had forgotten all about how marvelous they were until jen got us those adorable bride & groom suckers.  luckily for me jonathan never wears his, and the gray keeps out more light - so i sleep with "groom" across my face every night.

then, there's the fan::

 same story as above actually.  street noise.  use to drive me bonkers!  turn on my little honeywell fan, the noise fades away, and i am lulled to sleep by the humming fan.  aaaaaah.

then, and here's where the hubs and i really differ - i need it to be cold.  i'm talking ice box cold.  when i was single and lived alone the thermostat was set between 60-65 at night. (let's not even talk about my power bill in the summer!)  jonathan can't handle that - which is ok, since i'm pretty sure that makes him normal and me - well, not so very normal.  so our compromise is 68 degrees.  it works. 

so i prefer it to be dark, cold, and noisy - does that really make me a prima donna? 

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  1. Ok I don't even live in city area, but I agree on the need for a fan to drown out the noise. This last winter my husband made me turn it off because he got to cold. (I also like a cold bedroom!) So we compromised and he got me a little mini player for an ipod and bought me an ocean tracks cd. That worked like a charm. Thankfully the weather is warming up and I can now have my loved fan back on again!!! It is nice to know I'm not the only one!