Friday, March 11, 2011

a few introductions

Meet Easton::
This is our sweet, hyper, neurotic and altogether weird, but wonderful pup.  She keeps us laughing and has had my heart since I first saw her hanging out of that SUV in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot the day she became mine, almost three years ago. (I promise to share her story with you one's a weird one...just like her.) 

Meet The Boys::

Trevor and Jordan (and that's me in the middle...Hi!).  You just wanta squeeze them, don't you? I do!...and I am just so blessed that I get to every single day! Lucky me. Really.  Love them - love being their nanny. Could not ask for a better job! 

And this, dear friends, is the man of my dreams::

Mr. Beverly, himself.  I know, I know. He's dreamy.  And he's all mine.

So, there ya have it - those are the faces I see every day. Love them all - each in their own way, of course.

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