Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend in review

nothing too exciting to report, but we had a pretty good weekend.  friday night we grilled out and stayed in!  jonathan is a pro on the grill and had a hankering for steaks - so he served up some delicious steaks and we spent the rest of the night lounging around in pjs, cuddling, and catching up on our favorite shows.

saturday morning i cooked breakfast and we played rummy (which has become our saturday morning ritual). i spent saturday afternoon cleaning while jonathan watched a lil lot of espn. saturday evening we went to church with some friends, and then had poker/game night at our place. i came in 2nd and won our money back! woohoo!! :)  (we are not much for gambling, but we did a $5 buy in to keep things interesting!)

sunday afternoon we spent at the in-laws. my mother-in-law is an incredible cook and sunday lunches are always scrumptious! i'm talkin' thanksgiving style every week. yummmm-oh!  then...and here's my favorite part of our weekend....we took easton to the dog park for her first time ever!

she can be fickle around other dogs so we were a little nervous but she did GRRREAT!  i felt like such a proud momma standing out there watching her run around and play nice with all her new friends.

 it was near impossible to get any good pictures of her playing - there were so many dogs and they were all on the move the whole time.  she had a blast though, and after we got home she did a whole lot of this::

we finished off our weekend watching the uk/unc game (go cats!! - final four baby!!) and fighting off the sunday blues with a little comedy -

 i finally got the hubs to watch the proposal with me! one of my faves! 

hope you a wonderful weekend!  happy monday!!!

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