Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a poem about spring

just kidding. no poems.  i don't write poems.  but i might....if spring actually decided to stick around for more than a week.  if that happened i might just be so happy i'd write a poem.

well. for about a week lexington had sunny, gorgeous 70 - 80 degree weather.  for a week.  the thing is,  it snowed on saturday.  yes. snow. and it may have been the first time in my life i wasn't excited to see snow.  mind you, this is coming from a gal who spent a year in jersey, and a year in new york city where i walked in snow up to my shins multiple times a day, for a few months out of the year.  it never really bothered me.  yet, for some reason, this go-round i just wasn't happy to see the snow. 

i'm ready for spring.  i'm ready for flowers. t-shirts and capris. flip flops. park trips with the boys.  i'm ready for eating out on patios and being at home with the windows open.  not to mention, lexington is bee-yoo-tee-full in the spring!  i'm talkin' take-your-breath-away gorgeous. this will be our first spring since moving here (another reason i'm excited and ready for spring!) but we did visit last spring for easter and i was just amazed at how beautiful it was.  i'll leave you with a few pics of lexington in the spring so you can see for yourself, and i'll hope for gorgeous spring weather for all of us soon!

the arboretum (above and below)

oh!....and another reason i'm hoping spring is almost here?  keeneland horse races.  it's a pretty big deal in lexington, being "the horse capitol of the world" and all.   ;)

oh, i can't wait!

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  1. those pictures are gorgeous! thanks for sharing :) i've never been to a horse race--it looks fun!