Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a good(will) lesson learned, and a good(will) find

in my last post i promised to have my first diy project completed with pictures to post, as a part of national take a risk in your home day.  well, i may have unintentionally mislead you.  see, on sunday i saw this lamp at goodwill.  this amazingly ugly lamp.  brass footing, ugly green and brown painted base, but this wonderful, wonderful bamboo design in the glass.  sounds hideous, right?  well, i was just so sure that i could turn someone else's trash into a treasure for our home.  only problem was i didn't pick it up and buy it right then and there. i walked away. i mulled over it, and then monday i decided i was going to go back and get it.  "surely" i thought "that lamp is just ugly enough that no one would have picked it up in the 24 hours since i last saw it.".  i was wrong. it was gone. and so went my hopes for my first diy project.  sad, sad day.  the lesson?  goodwill shopping requires impulse buys. the good news? these impulse buys usually won't put you back more than 5 buckaroos.  the lamp was $3.50.  sigh.

don't fret, however, because i have good(will) news!  i went back to goodwill this morning, after dropping off sweet trevor at preschool, and i found something(s) else i've been hunting! and, alas, i bought them.  i spent a whole $1.50 (i'm a big spender).  but, for now, that's all i'm saying.  after i try my hand at a little diy-ing, i'll let you know how it turns out and post some pictures.  i make no promises, however, as to when this little project o' mine will be done and posted.

i'll leave you with the suspense.

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  1. Please tell me your new find is in the form of an animal!