Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my husband is cuter than your husband

sorry, but he just is.

so, as i mentioned here, yesterday was our anniversary.  in the midst of a truly crazy week - both of us wrapping up our last week at work, and getting ready to move this saturday - we decided not to spend any money on one another and just postpone our anniversary celebration until after we are all moved in and settled in our new place.  well,  for one, i'm so proud of him for sticking to it and not spending any money - he usually goes big when it comes to gifts/holidays - and second...remember the part where i said he was cute? yeah? well, here's proof::

 (please ignore the packing mess in the background.)

see, i told you he was cute.

if you only knew how un-artistic (self admittedly) my husband is, then you would really appreciate this card.  he says the heart on the back (his "trademark" - ha!) looks like a butt...and...uh...it kinda does. 

best. card. ever.

to top it all off, after i had been packing and cleaning all day, at about 3pm, he told me to stop packing and get dressed, he was taking me on a picnic (i.heart.picnics.) so i did just that and with our pup in tow, we went to the park and had a fantastic, sun-lit anniversary meal.  for us, it was the perfect no-cost anniversary celebration. 

i love my husband.

 p.s. - sorry if you don't like the cheese and the mush. it's just who i am. ;)  i was dubbed "the cheesy one" from my 3 former, beloved, jersey roommates...and, let me tell you, it only got worse after i got married.


  1. How sweet! Does he give lessons to other husbands??? :P

  2. I am slightly biased in favor of my sweet hubby, but that card is SO cute! How very sweet of him.