Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy day, mama!

i found this tory burch blog series about mom's in celebration of mother's day and it inspired me.  so, mama, this one is for you!

best advice my mother gave me...
1. pray.
2. trust God, He know's what He's doing.
3. don't worry, it doesn't change anything.
4. God will provide.
5.  use caps. everyone who reads your blog is going to think you don't know how to use propper grammer. ;)

favorite childhood memory...
laying in bed with her listening to her read the little house on the prarie series.  and pilgrim's progress. and any and every book she read to me/us. 

favorite thing to do with mom...
spend the day at an art museum.  play rummy.  play backgammon. play any game. yard saling.  enjoy a bagel and a cup of coffee on a saturday morning. (bagels + coffee + mama = three of my favorite things)  laugh.  when my mom gets tickled she is a hoot! i'm talking tears rolling down her face, cheeks turning red hysterics.  (i'm thinking of a particular instance, mom:: cracker barrel....bananas....).

i love you mama,  i hope you have a GREAT mother's day - you deserve it.  i'll be missing you all day.

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