Sunday, May 1, 2011

free love birds

i am sooooo excited to share a tee-tiny project I did this weekend.  remember in this post i shared with you my new found obsession with with trying to find an animal or two worthy of a makeover?  well.  alas!  my yard saling (sailing?) yesterday morning paid off! 

i spotted these cute little love birds at a yard sale and just had to get them! 

the best part? they were free.  well, they didn't start off free. i asked how much and the lady in charge said they were two buckaroos and went on to tell me that they were real brass, and worth so much more. they were beloved by her for years and years - which only left me begging the question why she was selling them.  i, having been trained well by my mother, and almost never paying "full price" for anything offered her $1.  she agreed.  which only confirmed my suspicion that she was just trying to make a buck (no pun intended) and those birds probably did not hold that much value to her.  i handed her a $20 and she told me she didn't have any change. "so, i guess they are free!" she said.  score.  (suspicions doubly confirmed.)

so home they came.  i was just so excited i painted them almost as soon as i got home.  just look at how cute they turned out::

adorable, right?  it's amazing what a fresh coat of white paint can do!  now to find a home for these love birds...

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  1. Great find! I have been looking for some birds to paint, but I never come across them at the thrift stores. And for free, you can't beat that!