Friday, April 1, 2011

towel rack thingy-ma-bob

i recently found this at goodwill for .75:: 

and since we already needed another over-the-door towel rack/hook/thingy-ma-bob, i thought i could bring this guy home and fancy him up a bit for the bathroom.

i already had the primer, so after i primed the hooks, i ran over to walmart, picked up a can of spray paint, a little bling, and brought 'em home and got to work.

step 1: primer

step 2: two coats of spray paint
i chose this color::

 step 3: add the bling (i used a hot glue gun)

step 4: find just the right spot and hang this bad boy up

step 5: stand back and admire

our shower curtain actually has hints of that same color blue in it, it just didn't show up in the pictures very well.

so, nothing spectacular, but i'm pretty pleased with it, and now our towels have a pretty, shiny new home!

1 comment:

  1. you have the chirp shower curtain?!!! how did i not know this? and now it is all coming together...heather has those plates?!

    we were destined to be friends:)